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Don’t judge all of us by the few


Don’t judge all of us by the few

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THIS IS A REPLY to Tyrone Browne’s letter appearing on Page 10 of the July 5 Daily Nation. He claimed that Muslims want to dominate the world.

This is far from the truth, as Islam is a religion that calls people to the correct way of worshipping the Creator – not what you may hear or see on your television.

This message was the same one all of the messengers and prophets came with. Indeed, there are some who go against the tenents of Islam, like the ones who call to terrorism and the killing of innocent people.

Islam is far from them and they are far from Islam. You also said sharia is oppressive.

What research have you done on the laws of sharia? If you had done any research, you would have known that the throwing of acid on anyone is not from Islam, far more throwing it on women.

You blame the actions of the misguided on the religion? There are many Muslim states that have set up universities for women.

Do you only look to Afghanistan? You speak of human rights! And you say the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was unjust to the men and women who were mingling.

I ask you, what are the laws of that land in this matter? The Bible In the Bible that you may follow, it says do not commit fornication or adultery.

What leads to this, but the same mingling you uphold to be a human right! You claim Islam is on an imperial expansion mission.

Where did you get that from? You are correct to say the these idiots (for example, terrorists) are mindless and driven by a very dangerous ideology, but at the same time you are very wrong to say the Qur’an teaches that.

There is nothing and I say nothing in the Qur’an that teaches that. I say to you bring one verse from the Qur’an that says that we should kill ourselves or innocent people, or women and children.

Lastly, Islam is not a religion of extreme.