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Blocked by wall

Maria Bradshaw

Blocked by wall

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YET ANOTHER homeowner at Iris-Sam Garden, Rock Hall, St Philip, is accusing landlord Erma Callender of blocking her in with the erection of a guard wall.Mary Goslin and her son Richard, who reside in England, arrived in Barbados on Wednesday and said they were very upset to see the wall, which is just outside their house.The wall was built in April and has virtually blocked in another home owner, Margot O’Brien, who has to squeeze between the wall and step over a huge boulder to get in and out of her home.But the Goslins, whose house is opposite O’Brien’s, said because of the wall they no longer have access to their driveway. They also charged that their tenant of two years moved out of the house too frustrated with all that was happening.“We bought this house about ten years ago from Mrs Callender for $260 000. My plans say that this is a road and no wall or shrub was to be in this area,” said an upset Mary.She stated that her husband Charlie, who was Barbadian, died seven years ago, and she moved back to England so that her sons could finish school.“We never expected this to happen. We read about it in the paper and our tenant complained to us about what had happened, and he moved out. So now we have lost our tenant and there is no way we can rent this house again with all of this,” she stated, pointing to the wall and a huge boulder at the front of her house. Mary stated that she was now contemplating selling the house, but she feared no one would want to buy it.“There is no way that anyone can get into the garage with that wall there. This is very disrespectful. I would be happy if Mrs Callender would just buy back this house.”However, the Goslins say they will await the outcome of a court case between O’Brien and Callender before they contemplate any legal moves.Meanwhile, O’Brien said she was still inconvenienced by the wall, which has prevented her from using her front gate and gaining access to her garage.“We have been to court on a few occasions. On the 17th of May her lawyers and my lawyers came to an agreement that she should remove the wall and reposition her gates, but she has not done anything. I am very stressed out and unhappy about this entire thing,” O’Brien cried.When contacted, Callender stated that the matter was still before the court.She said that the Goslins did have access to their garage.“The land down there run funny, but I cannot take somebody’s land and give to them. The contractor made a mistake with the entrance, not with the land,” she stated.She said she was never ordered by the court to remove the wall, but would abide with any ruling made by the court.