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I CONFESS: Men should respect their wives

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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The following is a response to last Saturday’s confession Leading Her On Brings Trouble. In that article, a man argued that men are to blame for the manner in which their outside women act towards their wives or live-in lovers as they take a cue from the men’s negative talk about their spouses. YOUR ARTICLE struck home. It was as if you were speaking about me and what my husband did.I was a real good wife to him, treated him special right through. We built a house together, had three children, and were living good for nearly 14 years, before things went sour.I really loved him but I could not forgive him when I found out that for more than a year he was living with my neighbour’s oldest daughter – a 22-year-old.He used to take her into my bed when I was at work, and foolish me used to believe him that the bed was damp sometimes at night because he sweats a lot.He knew I did not like the neighbour or care very much for her children, and they never came over when I was there. Yet he went behind my back and allowed the girl to not only come into my house, but to have relations with him in my bed.I only found out because the two of them had a noise. The girl decided to get a man and finish with him, and he couldn’t take it. So when they had their flare-up, my children heard and told me all that was said, so he could not deny it.But why I would never forgive him was his reason for having that girl. He told me he wanted different sex and I wasn’t willing to give him that. He wanted me to do the nasty things the white women do in videos. That is not me. That is not natural. Sex is supposed to be special between people who love each other, not any and everybody “jucking” into you. That is wrong; that is prostitution.I could never forgive my husband for what he did to me. Men must learn self-control and respect themselves, their wives and their children.