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‘Put God in all things’

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‘Put God in all things’

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Anything that is done without God will come to nothing, said Dr Wayne Poplin at the recent dedication of the Emmanuel Baptist Church’s multi-purpose centre.“God expects us to do what needs to be done but if we forget . . . and we do it without Him we will fail. Only through Him will you have security that will last,” he said. The three-storey building, which took 12 years to build and is free of any debt will, cater to religious services, house a nursery school and day care centre and operate a soup kitchen, among other things. Poplin said the new centre was not built in vain since God was directing its construction from the start.“When Jesus gave the great commission we realise this is a practica statement that was when ment and you need buildings to do that. We find ourselves loving neighbours in the context of a building. This building was built to glorify God,” he said.Head of the church, the Reverend Vincent Wood, said that the building was clear of any debt because the God-given finance and skills were effectively used. “I’ve never embraced defeat and I don’t believe in failure . . . We don’t owe a cent, the building is debt-free,” Wood said, adding that along with its members money also came from Baptist churches overseas. During the dedication, a number of presentations was made to those who contributed in different forms. They included: Charles Cranford, William Highsmith, Williams Droemer (architect), Robert Ramsey of the United States; Michael Clarke;  Peter Boyce (contractor); Frederick Cadogan (electrician); André Small (painter) and Fitzroy Anthony. (AC)