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Wanted: Ladies of song


Wanted: Ladies of song

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THE SEARCH is on for two undiscovered female singers for a compilation album. New production outfit Beat Inc. is looking for two singers who are 12 years and over from any genre to be on their debut project, which is due to be completed by year-endThese woman will be featured with some of the top female voices in the country. Already on board are Beat Inc. directors Marisa Lindsay and Tamara Marshall, Paula Hinds, Indrani, Mahalia Phillips, Rosie Hunte and Carol George.While it is an all-female album, Lindsay said they did not want it be seen as an album for divas.“We all know who we are, and as far as the female that we asked, or invited, the reason we asked them was because they fell into that category of authentic and just real, and as entertainers they give of themselves on stage,” she explained. The Beat Inc. team has been using a combination of word of mouth, facebook  and e-mail to get the word out and invite people to come in for auditions.Auditions have already started at their Church Hill, Christ Church studios and will run until the end of the month.Interviews and auditions are held on Sundays, but the Beat Inc directors are flexible.  Lindsay said all the singers were given feedback on how to improve their vocal ability, even if they were not selected. The auditions are videotaped and  recorded and some of the material will be used on a webcast show that will be similar to American Idol.Directors pointed out that they were not promising the new singers a recording contract or anything of the sort. They are looking to release the Cd of all original tracks in November, but only if it is satisfactory to them.“It has to be good. Ain’t nothing is coming out unless it’s. It has to be good,” Marshall said.“We’re focussed on the quality of it, versus the time,” the third director Jim Bobb added. (YB)