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‘Demons’ step in

MARIA BRADSHAW, [email protected]

‘Demons’ step in

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RESIDENTS of Edey Village, Christ Church, called on church leaders to exorcise what they believe to be demonic forces that have invaded the small, close-knit neighbourhood.

For the past two weeks, residents have witnessed uncanny and unexplained events which led them to believe that evil forces had invaded the community. It began two weeks ago when a 26-year-old woman went on the Internet and, according to sources, “saw what she was not supposed to see”.

Foreign tongue

While many could not describe what the woman actually saw, they said she immediately started speaking in a foreign tongue and became delirious.Her family, well-respected members of the community, quickly summoned two church leaders and a group of “prayer warriors”to their home.

The church group spent two days praying around the young woman.

A member of the church group told the SATURDAY SUN that the voice coming from her was not her own, but that of an old man

“We prayed for two days asking God to spread the blood of Jesus on the young woman and to strike out the demon. After much praying on the second day we heard her say ‘thank you Jesus’ and the demon came out of her body and she fell limp”.

However, another young woman, who lived next door, also fell victim to the demonic forces.“

She was sitting on a chair in her living room when all of a sudden she was lifted high into the air and thrown outside in her backyard. She fell hard on the ground and started speaking in a foreign tongue,” a source said.

The church group also prayed fervently for this second woman.

“By the time we were finished praying for her she had lost a considerable amount of weight and the demon left her body,” the source continued.But sources say at least four more people in the district were affected and, as a result, a street prayer session was organised for Edey Village last Tuesday night.

The Saturday SUN visited the area and witnessed residents and members of the church walking through the small district singing and praying for almost three hours.

Wake-up call

Pastor Evelyn Nurse, of Bridgefield New Testament Church of God, who led the prayer session, told the residents that the events were a “wake-up call for Edey Village”.

To loud applause and shouts of “Amen”, she told those gathered: “Whatever happened in Edey Village happened for a purpose. We can’t question it. That was the wake-up call for this village. This was a quiet village, but it is not anymore. Edey Village will never be the same again. We pray and ask God for deliverance. God sends warnings and then the destruction. This is a wake-up call.”

It is understood that the street prayers will continue in the village.