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Businesses ‘not pulling weight’

marciadottin, [email protected]

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TOO MANY BUSINESSES in the Black Rock area are shirking their social responsibilities.Member of Parliament for St Michael North West, Christopher Sinckler, took large businesses in the area to task on Saturday for refusing to contribute to the development of their community.“Businesses within a community, through their own recognition of developing the societies within which they function, should contribute. But we have found that we are continuing to see the same characters contributing,” he said.PainfulSinckler was speaking during the third annual Lawson Weekes Educational Scholarship, held at Almond Bay Conference Centre, Hastings, Christ Church.He said while he was thankful for those businesses which continued to support their communities, it “pained” to see larger businesses not doing the same.“If I was a manager at those companies I would be ashamed,” he said, adding they should be approaching him to attach their names to such as the Deacons volleyball team or the Deacons Second Division football team.“We had to go outside St Michael North West to get sponsors for that football team, which ended up winning the title as well as placing fourth in the knockout tournament.No action“We want to talk about social problems. However, we are not seeing people putting their money where their mouths are if they want to see communities as peaceful and productive as they claim they want them to be,” he said.Sinckler added that if productive programmes for young people were not put into place and supported by corporate Barbados, there were “others out there who would recruit them”. (CA)