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You say that she’s just a friend

marciadottin, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,I HAVE BEEN happily married for ten years.
I bumped into an ex-girlfriend about six months ago and introduced her to my wife.She has returned home to her family after a failed marriage. She invited us to come and visit, but my wife was not keen on going. I was, and so I went alone, making the excuse that my wife was not feeling too well.Since then, I stop by for a chat after work some evenings but this upsets my wife. I feel she is over-reacting and reading too much into the friendship. My wife wants me to cut down on my visits with this woman and would prefer if I did not go at all.Christine, I am reluctant to agree because we still have a lot in common. As far as I am concerned, the problem is hers, not mine. What do you suggest I do?– ?Dear ?,My sympathies are with your wife, not because I think she feels threatened by your ex, but because you come across as someone who is reluctant to compromise.Bumping into your old girlfriend seems to have caused nothing but rifts between you and your wife. Obviously you think this woman is worth it, which is why your wife is upset.You should listen carefully to what she is telling you, and ask yourself why you want to continue to stay in constant touch with your old girlfriend at the expense of your wife’s happiness.– CHRISTINE.

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