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Looking for our politicians


Looking for our politicians

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I AM A RESIDENT of Bush Hall. As close as I live to the constituency office of my parliamentary representative, I don’t know when last I have seen her there.

I have made several attempts to see her and can’t get a meeting.

I would like to know if she still resides in Barbados. Unless she is in Parliament, whenever you hear a report from her, she is overseas.

So it seems like now that she is in Opposition, she can’t stay in Barbados. The same can be said for the residents of Christ Church West.

My mother lives in Bonnetts and she would like to know where William Duguid’s constituency office is and how to get in contact with him.

Should we leave a message with the check-in counter for West Jet or at the immigration counter for diplomats?

I would prefer him to get the message when he is arriving in Barbados.

It seems like the representative for St Peter was successful in getting himself a senior consulting position with some of the regional prime ministers.

Another thing, it would be good if the representative for St Andrew would say something on behalf of the people of St Andrew in Parliament.

St Andrew is a beautiful parish and a lot more can be done there.

News flash for the Opposition members in the Lower House of Parliament. Your constituents still want to see you. They voted you in.