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SNAG targets schools


SNAG targets schools

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IT’S CALLED “Starting New At Golf” or SNAG for short.The concept is to provide children and adults alike with a fun game that will encourage them to take up the sport.SNAG was introduced to children and parents at the Gordon Greenidge Primary School during the recent Caribbean Amateur Golf Championships by the Barbados Golf Association (BGA), in association with the Trinidad and Tobago Golf Association.Principal Angela Smith tried her skills at chipping and putting, using the toy-like golf equipment. Qualified coaches from Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago explained to the children and parents how the game is played and coached them on its techniques. The skills required are building blocks for any golfer.BGA president Birchmore Griffith said the association would aim to spread the game to schools across the island in collaboration with local pros Franklyn Stephenson and Michael Marshall.President of the Caribbean Golf Association, Asraph Ali, said the game had proven to be a huge success in Trinidad and Tobago. It can be used in any school hall or playing area and eliminates the need for students to be transported to a venue.Ali said that development of life skills was the prime objective. “We want youngsters to grow up as quality people with good life skills,” he added. Such skills include proper etiquette, manners, and discipline. (HH)
GRIPPING ENCOUNTER: Michael Marshall (right) demonstrating correct holding technique to students of Gordon Greenidge Primary.