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Clash of the little giants


Clash of the little giants

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FREEZE! Come again, come again!These commands had people with their hands high in the air; and they will undoubtedly be the buzzwords for the rest of the Crop-Over season.And they did not come from the shareholders, or any of acts of the so-called big tents; but from the mouths of calypso babes looking to advance to the final stage of the junior competition. Twenty-five of the country’s youngest calypsonians, who have some big hearts and hopes of getting a share in whatever prizes are on offer at their level, battled against each other last Sunday evening at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre for places in the finals of the Scotiabank Junior Monarch Finals at the National Stadium on July 24.The competition and most excitement were arguably in the eight-to-12 category, where eight finalists were chosen. A little Rasta, Adonis by name and nature, emerged as one of the five boys in the eight advancing to the finals.His delivery was pretty much on point, but he drew attention to himself by the number of older singers he took down and his interpretations of Michael Jackson’s dance routines.De Professor moved across the stage so swiftly that people feared he would get his feet in a tangle and fall. Some even borrowed his hook and shouted for him to Freeze! While people thoroughly enjoyed his presentation, hearts resumed a regular rhythm when he was finished.Brothers Myles Z and Jazz-Z are an interesting pair to watch again this year. As simple as it sounds, Jazz-Z is creating a stir with his Snacks. Though sweet and choice food for children to eat, Jazz-Z reminds children and adults alike of the many conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart attack and, of course, “rotten teet” that can result.His elder brother Myles Z is looking at all the “adult activity” that needs to be banned, in addition to cellphones in school.The biggest of them all Nik also advanced with his self-penned Open Your Eyes And See. The three girls joining the guys are Candy Princess, Li’l T and Confetti.Competition is a not as tight in the 13-to-18 category, but, knowing how the juniors bring their A-game with the appropriate props, it should be an interesting contest.The seven hoping to wrest the crown from reigning monarch Anita AC Charles are Leah, Young G, Barbie, Jahailer, Natifa and sisters Li’l Az and Small One. Newcomer in the 13-to-18 category, Sharky, who made a great impression at the first tent at Solidarity House, did not have the appeal last Sunday night, and it was a real pity.Whatever contributed to his being excluded from the seven who advanced to the July 24 final was arguably aggravated by his own doing.  Obviously looking for the showing they have come to expect, there was a buzz from the time his name was announced, which increased when he appeared looking dapper in a tan suit.His unwarranted gyrations did not match either the song or the outfit, and it was rather instructive that MC Carl Alff Padmore found it necessary to remind the audience that Sharky was not a clown, but a serious fellow, immediately after the youngster left the Yvette BEST