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Ole to meet new


Ole to meet new

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THE CONGO MAN may not Guh Down or Leggo I Hand, but when the Mighty Sparrow joins the Mighty Grynner and Li’l Rick tonight for Brewsters Road Crew’s (BRC) Ole Ting, New Ting, it will be calypso royalty at its best at the Soca Unda De Casuarina, Harbour Road, St Michael.The 75-year-old Grenadian, born Slinger Francisco, who reigns as the Calypso King Of The World, is one of the best known and successful calypsonians, winning Trinidad’s Carnival Road March competition eight times and Calypso Monarch 11 times. One of BRC directors, Trevor Wood, told WE Magazine that the theme was their way to present a different kind of back-in-time event: “Instead of doing a plain, vanilla, back-in-time event, we decided to juxtapose the newer artistes with veteran artistes. Inviting Sparrow is self explanatory. “Before being promoters, we are calypso lovers first and foremost. Over the years we’ve been privileged to exhibit that by featuring some of the very best in the world in the genre. Sparrow is a continuation of that, staying true to our love of the art form in our events. We wanted him for our 24 event [next weekend] but he was unavailable, so we thought Ole Ting, New Ting would be a perfect fit. It’s timely, given his recent entry into the US Congressional Record,” Wood added. (TM)