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COU COU & FLYING FISH – Seeking another milch cow

marciadottin, [email protected]

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IT IS NOT YET the silly season, but the foreplay from some political operatives suggests that the possible climax to their ongoing efforts is weighing heavily on their minds.Cou Cou understands that the seeming financial demise of a certain agency that used to play the part of the fairy godfather has led certain people to seek out another milch cow.Word is that they have made a run on a certain stop/start concern and have positioned themselves to benefit monetarily when things start to bloom. But the blooming thing has not yet advanced and the day of reckoning is less than 36 months away.A trip to, and a search of, a particular corporate entity would lead to the names of the players involved, or at least, the identities behind whose shadows they have been hiding for seasons. Hiding in plain sightSOME are telling Cou Cou to ignore the denials and simply follow the scent. They are saying that Macbeth is alive and well and vaunting ambition cannot hide its dastardly intent.The operative, many are claiming, was not only sighted in a certain area, but was overheard consulting with his personal Hecate.He and a few others might all have to stand in line, though, as there is a lot of life still left in the ‘old boy’. He is not about to move up and on just yet and will be around long after some of the pretenders have faded to dust.Out in the coldA stalwart who has fought many a cause for the underprivileged, now finds himself on the outside looking in.Word is that a group that normally tries to keep other people in their jobs has given him the boot.
Cou Cou does not know the reasons at this juncture but, frankly speaking, he will be a significant loss since he knows the practices and procedures better than anyone else in the business.One individual will especially feel his departure, as he has been that individual’s prop and main knowledge base for years. He certainly didn’t fire him.Back in the foldHe once said they could not manage their home base properly, far less a Government. But now a certain individual is singing a completely different tune.And though Cou Cou cannot say whether he has truly changed his mind or not, we can report that he has been reaping some sweets which he had not done over a previous 14-year stretch.He was overheard by someone at a popular shop in The City outskirts waxing praises to such an extent, that the listener had to pinch himself to see whether he was awake and hearing what he was. The die has been castCou Cou has been informed that formal accusations have been laid against a certain individual in high office. He was given 14 days to respond to the charges and those days expired on Tuesday. Cou Cou is working feverishly to gain access to those documents since there will be no cover-up. It is the people’s right to know.Nothing but a ruseWORKERS at a certain institution are pondering what has happened with the probe into the goings-on at their work site. One told Cou Cou that more than six months after investigators started their work, nothing has been heard and the status quo remains the same. They are saying that they are working in an improper environment where because of what they all know, no one has any respect for their tainted boss. One has even suggested the “investigation” was nothing more than a ruse.