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School’s ‘out’


School’s ‘out’

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Power suits came off and were replaced by school uniforms last Wednesday night when Wadadah held its annual Back To School fete at the Kensington Oval.From the time the bell rang for school around 9 p.m., thousands of excited “schoolchildren” packed the Party Stand and stayed in for detention, which was until about 4 a.m.Students represented almost every school across the island – from primary schools to secondary schools and private to public schools. They came with their school bags packed with all types of snacks.To add to the school spirit, the nuns, the physical education teachers and even ancillary staff also came out.President of the Wadadah Club Sydney Cox said they were happy with the turnout which he estimated to be about 4 000.He said this was the fifth year for this event, noting it has grown every year.“The theme was born out of the innate rivalry between club members. Being mainly sports people who would have competed against each other during our school days, we are very proud of our respective schools or colleges and still take pride when there is some achievement, whether it is academics, sports or otherwise,” he explained.“I believe the interest is driven by the novelty of dressing in school clothes again, the pride of identifying with your school and the opportunity to be creative with the uniforms,” he added.