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LIME Div. 1 scoreboards

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CGI Maple v ICBL Empire(AT TRENTS)Toss: Empire; Weather: cloudy; Pitch: slow; Outfield: damp.MAPLE 1st InningsP. Agard c wk Smith b Blagrove    99R. Parris c Gaskin b Blagrove     46J. Worrell  c Graham b Best    16+C. Worrell c McDonald b Blagrove     0O. Kellman c Mascoll b Blagrove    16*B. Yearwood not out    117D. Oneale lbw b Evelyn     0S. Ramsay not out     18Extras (lb1, nb15)      16Penalties    5TOTAL (6 wkts – 62 overs)    333Wkts fell at: 158, 164, 164, 190, 236, 237.To bat: K. Johnson, K. Brome, S. Depeiza.Bowling: Blagrove 14-1-64-4, Evelyn 10-1-43-1, Mascoll 4-0-31-0, Graham 11-0-66-0, Best 12-2-56-1, McDonald 9-1-45-0, Greenidge 2-0-22-0.EMPIRE – *+J. Smith, C. Best, M. Blagrove, A. Evelyn, S. Graham, A. Greenidge, J. Haynes, M. Inniss, L. Mascoll, R. McDonald, M. Gaskin.Points to date: Maple 4, Empire 2.Umpires: Ricardo Harrison, Roger Broomes.Match referee: Jeffrey Mascoll.Old Brigand Dover v Police (AT INCH MARLOW)Toss: Dover; Weather: bright; Pitch: firm; Outfield: heavy.POLICE 1st Innings*D. Yearwood st Crookendale b Harte    4R. Williams c Armstrong b Burke    30A. Mayers b Jones     24B. Corbin c Armstrong b Phillips     35C. Linton c wk Crookendale b Burke    10D. Thompson c Burke b Bourne    92D. Broomes c wk Crookendale b Bourne     29S. Hill lbw Bourne    55+C. Glasgow not out     1Extras (b7, lb2, nb2, w1)     12TOTAL (8 wkts – 70.2 overs)     292Wkts fell at:13, 57, 68, 94, 127, 183, 283, 292To bat: T. Ifill, J. Smith.Bowling: Harte 4-0-20-1, Bourne 15.2-0-74-3, Burke 14-1-54-2, Jones 10-1-42-1, Phillips 14-2-61-1, Hurley 13-3-32-0Points to date: Police 3, Dover 3Umpires: Andrew Corbin, Gregory Brathwaite.Match referee: Wade BascombeSagicor UWI v ESA Field Pickwick(AT 3Ws OVAL)Toss: UWI; Weather: rainy; Pitch: slow; Outfield: slow.PICKWICK 1st InningsJ. Yearwood not out       0Jason Gilkes c wk Naitram b R. Reifer     0K. Hope not out     2TOTAL (1 wkt – 3.5 overs)        2Wkts fell at: 0.To bat: *R. Yearwood, J. Gilkes, C. Yearwood, R. Small, R. Edwin, A. Thomas, A. Collymore.Bowling: Moore 2-1-1-0,  Raymon Reifer  1.5-0-1-1.UWI – R. Currency, M. Bascombe, N. Parris, R. Reifer, F. Reifer, R. Austin, K. Kantasingh, +S. Naitram, G. Moore, E. Greene, M. Miller.Umpires: Anthony Farrell, Ricardo Brathwaite.Match referee: Clifford Clarke.Guardian General Barabdos Youth v Super Centre Spartan(AT CANE GARDEN)Toss: Spartan; Weather: overcast; Pitch: hard; Outfield: fast.BARBADOS YOUTH 1st InningsR. Harewood lbw b Toppin    18M.Welcome-Goodman not out     25A. Springer not out     7Extras (lb1, nb2)      3TOTAL (1 wkt – 15.5 overs)     53Wkts fell at: 28.  To bat: *K. Brathwaite, C. St.Hill, M. Austin, +C. Holder, J. Jones, K. Earle, J. Mascoll, T. Lorde.Bowling: A. Gill 4-0-8-0, Blackman 3-1-2-0, Toppin 4.5-0-26-1, A. Marshall 4-0-16-0.SPARTAN – *+J. Niles,  A. Small, W. Blackman, R. Toppin, M. Bend, R. Nurse, N. Carter, H. Husbands, A. Gill, D. Marshall, A. Marshall. Umpires: Tunley Franklyn, Michael Nurse.Match referee: Mervyn JonesTeleBarbados 8000 Inc. v Caribbean Lumber YMPC(AT DESMOND HAYNES OVAL)Toss: Carlton; Weather: sunny then rain; Pitch: hard; Outfield: fast. YMPC 1st InningsS. Blackett c Clarke b Sealy     7J. Yearwood not out    2J. Brathwaite not out     1Extras (nb3)    3TOTAL (1 wkt  – 4.1 overs)         13Wkt fell at: 8To bat:  *C. Watson, R. Wiggins , + M. King, S. Cooke, K. Smith, L. Ross, T. Roach, O. Wiggins.Bowling: R. Clarke 2.1-1-7-0, D. Sealy 2-0-6-1.CARLTON – *M. Graham, V. Nurse, K. Wilkinson, K. Gibson, K. Springer, K. Hurdle, R. Greaves, A. Bridgeman, + R. King, D. Sealy, R. Clarke.Umpires: Vincent Bullen, Valerie Mahon.Match referee: Carlyle Carter.  Banks v BNB St Catherine (AT THE BREWERY)Toss: St Catherine; Weather: rainy; rain aced a late start of 31 minutes and then play was abandoned at 4.10 p.m; Pitch: firm; Outfied: damp, slow.BANKS 1st InningsM. Nurse not out    16K. Hurdle not out    8Extras (b6, lb3, nb1, w1)    11TOTAL (no wkt – 15.2 overs)     35Bowling: Batson 7-3-14-0, Holder 3-1-3-0, Leacock 1-0-2-0, Williams 4-2-5-0, Bishop 0.2-0-1-0Umpires: Dalton Holder, Earl Collymore.Match referee: Emerald Holder. Wanderers v LIME(AT DAYRELLS ROAD)No play because of wet conditions

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