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Mixed views on extended Kadooment route


Mixed views on extended Kadooment route

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Some bandleaders have mixed feelings about the route change for this year’s Grand Kadooment jump.Pleas for an extended route over the years prompted the change by the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), but some bandleaders are still questioning the decision.Instead of the usual route from the National Stadium, the bands will now be jumping from Super Centre Warrens, St Michael.Wednesday 2000 bandleader Mackie Holder said he was a little concerned about the change.“I am not criticising anything, but the timing for the change is a little funny; but we will see how it goes,” he said. The feelings of Renee Radcliffe of Jump Promotions were clear. She simply said: “I do not like it. I cannot understand it. I love going through the [National] Stadium. It is the best place to be.”However, she added: “I am just going with the flow now, and we will see how it turns out.”Baje International bandleader Richard Haynes said he believed it was a nice move, but  there would be implications. “Things need to be communicated properly. The Stadium was a good vibe, but I hate to put anything down before I see it happen,” Haynes said.He added that the Stadium had a nice family setting which would be missing this year.Andre Elias of Rebel Vibes said he loved the change and that it was an added attraction to the revellers.Betty West is all for the route being changed.“I am always up for a challenge. If it works out this way, it will flow. It will be okay,” she said.Veteran bandleader Gwyneth Squires said she did not have a problem with the jump.“Whatever the NCF does, I agree with. I am for it. Changes must be made at some point,” she addedPresident of the Barbados Association of Masqueraders, Roger Millar, said “it is an extension of the route moreso than a change”. The exact route will be: from Super Centre car park, right turn to Green Hill, left turn onto Codrington Road, then proceed to parade for the judges outside the National Stadium, rather that inside. After the judging, the revellers will then proceed onto the ‘normal’ route which is left turn to Waterford, right turn to Station Hill, right turn at Eastmond Corner, left turn to Brighton Hill, then left onto the Spring Garden Highway.