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ALTAR CALL – Stand up and fight for God

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FIGHT THE GOOD fight of faith. (1 Timothy Chapter 6 verse 12).As they sat under open skies in Jubilee Gardens, The City, those either seated in chairs, or standing afar off were encouraged by Evangelist Joyce Boyce, to wear the weapons of their warfare and fight for what they believed. They were also advised by Daniel Madusolumuo, a visiting minister from Zimbabwe, to build on the strong foundation of Jesus Christ.It was a double-dose of God’s Word for the season. Both ministers, guests of Saving The Lost at Any Cost assembly, gave meaningful insights of scriptural truths.Many were so “glued” to their seats, that even when it began to rain, they  refused to move from their positions.“The word fight means to contend with a struggle; or to obtain an objective in the midst of adversity,” Boyce pointed out. The Apostle Paul’s objective was to gain eternal life.“God reminded him that as he chose to do the will of The Father, they would be difficulties thrown in his path.“If we walk in the path of righteousness, there will be torment, and challenges, since anything of worth does not come easy. However, the Bible says that at the end of our fighting, eternal life is ours.”She added that one should not fight with one’s hands, but with the weapons pointed out in Ephesians 6 Verse 10 to 20.“Wear salvation as a helmet  and guard your mind from corruption. We are to be attracted to the things of God.“We also have to fight with the belt of truth, for God is all righteous and He cannot lie.“The truth is not always welcomed by many. Sometimes to get out of a situation, we may be tempted to tell a white lie, but God says to gird our loins about with truth.”Boyce also noted that the shield of faith was vital for the fight.“Without faith it is impossible to please God.“We can never receive anything from God if we do not have faith in Him,” she added.She stressed the need for individuals to hold on to their respective professions and be great stalwarts in the process.“Many great men and women, though battered and afflicted, had the inner strength and fortitude.“They were beaten and ridiculed but we can take our examples from them.“God says that in fighting we should not be afraid.“Christ’s coming is very near. We must fight for our lives and our eyes must be fixed on the goal.“If you live for Jesus you will be the overcomer, she contended..Boyce added that “God wants his people to have inner strength in themselves”. She added that in order to fight the good fight of faith, one must have the courage to stand against every foe. “Always remember that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Weapons of high strategy will be formed, but fight with your might and be sure you have the weapons on.”She added that prayer was also necessary, as well as having one’s feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.In his much shorter sermon, Madusolumuo said that believers must build on new foundations.”“Without a good foundation things will collapse.“We are righteous through the blood of Jesus Christ. God wants us to repent, even as we have sinned, and asked God how to rebuild the foundation.”He added that “while we are waiting on God, we must occupy until he comes”.“Build on a strong foundation and depend on the Word of God. As long as you do that, you do not have to mind the shaking.“Any foundation not of Jesus Christ will collapse.“This is not time to play church or become discouraged. Remember that  God is always in charge,” he concluded.The crusade was also attended by a number of African ministers.

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