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Clinton dedicated to rebuilding of Haiti

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NEW YORK – Former United States President Bill Clinton says he will dedicate the next three years of his life to helping rebuild Haiti after the devastating January 12 earthquake.  The United Nations Special Envoy to the impoverished Caribbean Community (CARICOM) country and co-chair of Haiti’s reconstruction commission, said he “wakes up every day sick at heart that we aren’t doing more” to help Haiti. “I don’t want to be naive. It’s going to be a stretch,” Clinton told reporters here yesterday, referring to his three-year commitment to the country.  “It’ll be hard, but I’m excited about it,” he added.  “Enough so that after a couple of heart incidents and being 63 years old, I am prepared to spend three years on it,” he continued. “They want the right things for their country.” The 42nd United States president said more needs to be done on all fronts in Haiti. “In the camps, we need more sanitation and protection from blow down. In the streets, we need more jobs. We need to begin reconstruction. Then do something on the education front,” he said. “Then the health-care system needs to be built. I used to say rebuilt, but then I realised there really wasn’t one before,” he added.(CMC)