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Soaking it up on the Hill

marciadottin, [email protected]

Soaking it up on the Hill

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No rain could stop the soca lovers at Farley Hill yesterday.
Amid the muddy conditions, Trinidadian artiste Destra dared the crowd to “max it up”, and they did. With umbrellas raised, patrons “palanced” and wined to every song at Soca On The Hill, and later helped Edwin Yearwood and krosfyah to Chrissen the road.
Liena Fraser 29, a first-timer to the event, said she did not “really mind the mud”, while another patron, Ricardo Goodridge, said he got more than his money’s worth. Some, however, complained that the DJs were “talking too much”.
Yesterday’s Soca On De Hill cast featured Destra, the reunited Square One, krosfyah, Talpree, Patch, Mr Dale, Li’l Rick, Mikey, Peter Ram, and the best of Crop-Over.