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Uncle making my life unbearable

marciadottin, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,Something is happening in my family that is becoming more and more unbearable.It is about my uncle who came to live with us about two years ago. He orders me about with “get me this” and “get me that” without even a please.He also decides what we watch on TV.Since he’s returned from overseas he won’t work. He gets money from overseas and this he spends on drinks. He’s even gone so far as to call me a “twit” and to tell me my parents are sick of me and I believe it because we are always arguing.Christine, I wish there was some place I could go but I’m only 13 and doing well at school.My father wants my uncle to leave but my mother says she’ll leave too if he is put out. Christine, what can I do?– B.A.Dear B.A.,There’s not much you can do about your uncle, who is a drag on the family and whom your mother supports.    This is your parents’ problem and I’m inclined to think it could only be solved by your father taking a firmer stand, overriding your mother’s threats and throwing this man out of the house.    The bone of contention is your uncle and your mother must be made to see this.   I feel if your mother really cares for  your father and you, she’ll see where the solution lies . . .  and that is asking her brother to find lodgings elsewhere.– Christine.