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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE – A waitin’ game!

marciadottin, [email protected]

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Dear Nesta,Girl, look sharp, I might soon be sennin’ yuh a letter from Brazil! Yes, dah’s wuh I say, Brazil! We recently open up a route to dah country – yuh know, fuh touris’ purposes an’ sech-like – an’ de firs’ inaugural flight arrive down hey couple weeks ago!  Lookin’ down de road, I could see muhself boardin’ one o’ dem planes to get down dey ’pon a holiduh! So – Rio, here I come!! After all, remember how Millie went down dey, so why I cyahn do de same, bo? Of course, I got to wait an’ see wuh de cos’ gine be, ’cause flyin’ nowadays even to li’l Trinidad dat is jes’ ’bout 45 minutes away, cos’ de earf , an’ I should t’ink Brazil is a good many mo’ minutes away, so I waitin’ to see!  I onderstan’ dat de language down dey is Portugese! I could hardly spell dah word, let ’lone speak it. Anyway, I gine back to school – wait, I say “back”? Wuh, I hardly went de firs’ time, so I really mean dat I got to fin’ someplace whey duh teach Portugese an’ start learnin’, even ef it is jes’ a few words, to get muh from de airport to a hotel, ax de time, an’ fin’ a restaurant to get somet’ing to eat.  Dah’s enuff ’til I ready to get back home!  I might jes’ have to start t’inkin’ ’bout doin’ de same wif Spanish, as I hear somet’ing ’bout a airline link-up wif Panama dat gine soon get put in operation, an’ dem speak Spanish ovuh dey! So, yuh could see dat we branchin’ out in all directions! Of course, I gine believe all dese t’ings when I see, wif dese two eyes, planes touchin’ down at de airport ’pon a weekly basis! In Buhbayduss, many good intentions does aboun’, but somehow or ethuh a lot drop off, or in dis case, “fly off” into de blue yonder! Sometimes, we got to wait so long for somet’ing to tek place dat it fade right outta existence – from de min’ o’ de persons bringin’ it to de table as well as de ones waitin’ fuh it to happen!  We big fett time, Crop-Over, ’pon de doorstep, an’ I vex enuff sence I hear dat we en got de parade o’ de King an’ Queen o’ de ban’s dis year!  Wuh, dah is de highlight o’ de ban’s an’ we all look forward to seein’ dem! Vague wordsLissenin’ to all dem vague words de NCF usin’ like “developmental work” an’ “back in de future” got muh wonderin’ ef dis en de beginnin’ o’ de en’! Like duh tryin’ to let we down easy! Wuh really gine on? Anyhow, I onderstan’ mo’ ban’ leaders dan not want it to come back, so I hope duh gine press de NCF ’til duh get some action, an’ not siddown an’ wait in vain fuh it to restart!   Hey, you hear ’bout dah law de French pass preventin’ Muslim women from coverin’ up duh faces in public? One o’ de reasons is fuh security, an’ dah is somet’ing I could agree wif! Any woman out in public wif she face cover up gine ha’ to pay a fine! You see somet’ing wrong wif dis decision?  De French could do wuhevah duh want, de country belong to dem! Philomena niece now wukkin’ in a Muslim country an’ evah time she lef’ de compoun’ to go shoppin’, she got to dress accordin’ to Muslim rules or ef not she would get in some good hot water! She mus’ respeck de rules o’ de place! So why de same t’ing shun’ apply to Muslims livin’ in any country dat allow dem to come in! I wonder ef ethuh countries gine now follow de French, neh? Well, ef de new rule en acceptable, like evaht’ing in life, duh got a choice!