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DEAR CHRISTINE – A fridge would help a great deal

marciadottin, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,I AM asking any of your readers to please help me with a fridge, because the one I had was not working. I suffer from high blood pressure and diabetes and sometimes while walking I feel myself falling down. I am 66 years of age. I want to thank Auntie Olga and Dawn Morgan for helping me in the past. If anyone could help, I would be very grateful.Thanks in advance and looking forward to any help I can receive. – C.H.S.L.
Dear C.H.S.L.I am sure some of our readers might be of assistance to you with a fridge they might have at home and that is not currently being used. With God’s help and the kind hearts of our citizens, help will soon come your way. Readers can be of assistance by getting in touch with me at THE NATION, Fontabelle, St Michael.