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DEAR CHRISTINE – I want to help other parents

marciadottin, [email protected]

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Dear Christine, AS I SAT one day last week folding my son’s nursery school clothes, to put them away for the final time, I thought of all the persons out there who would have difficulty affording to buy new school clothes for their children. This thought was further embedded in my mind when I heard one lady telling another “buy this one uniform now and maybe later you will get the money to buy another one.”I am offering my son’s nursery school shirts to anyone who needs them. They are still in very good condition as I had six of them to rotate around and he only needed to wear four in any given week. The shirt jacks are of the plaid type in different colours – size four.  know of one other parent who is willing to give her son’s shirts away as well. this hard economic time, I think we should all assist each other in any way we can. I am sure there are many parents out there with their children’s old school uniforms which are still in good condition (not faded or frayed). In some cases these uniforms will never be used again as the child might be going to a higher level at school (moving to skirt and blouse or long pants and shirt) or the child might be going to a different school. Many parents can only afford to buy one uniform for their children. Maybe they can see their way through by having a “used” second or third uniform from someone else.Parents, before you throw away your children’s old uniforms, please hold them in case anyone might want them. We waste so much and so many people are out there suffering. – CONCERNED PARENT
Dear Conerned Parent, Thanks for your kind gesture. As you correctly said there must be several parents who cannot afford to buy new school uniforms for their children and we would like to encourage more people to adopt your generosity.May God richly bless you for your suggestion and kindness.