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DEAR CHRISTINE – My children sometimes go to school hungry

marciadottin, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,HOW are you doing? I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing for help with my five children. I need shoes, socks, bags, school clothing. I cannot afford to buy all of these things because I am struggling with the cost of books, lunch, and so on. children sometimes go to school hungry because I have nothing to give them to eat.I have moved because I could not afford the rent at the other location. I’m begging for help.
Dear Mother In Need I am indeed sorry to hear about your plight, especially since you are unable to meet your children’s educational needs. I hope the relevant government ministries take your situation into consideration and respond in a timely manner.I will also get in touch with you to see how we can assist with some funding so that your children will not be left behind.