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Push more for abstinence


Push more for abstinence

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WE ARE ALWAYS saying be the best you can be. Yet, when it comes to HIV/AIDS we push safe sex more than abstinence before and faithfulness after marriage which is 100 per cent safe.

We also need to make HIV/AIDS testing mandatory for pregnant women so we may be able to protect the unborn child and provide care for the mother.

There are lots of young children engaging in early sexual activity because they are left to roam the neighbourhood.

We need to reach out to them and let them know they are not ready for this and tell them about HIV/AIDS. This is also a good reason  to push abstinence.

A person becomes the best they can be when the physical is led by the spirit.

Unless the fight against HIV/AIDS is pushed from a spiritual point of view, it will never be won.

Regularly I read of people not wanting to use condoms for various reasons; then they end up with a STD and become afraid to go to the doctor.

It is often said in the heat of the moment that the thought of condoms goes out the window, but if both partners abstain before and are faithful in marriage, it can afford to go out the window because there is no threat of disease.

HIV/AIDS is serious. We lose our fathers, mothers and children. We need to push the ideal more than the idea. Abstain. Contain. Triumph.

This is the only way to win the war against HIV/AIDS. We got to be real whether people like it or not.