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Sweet soca


Sweet soca

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A multitude of about 10 000.That was the number of patrons the police estimated to have packed into Farley Hill National Park for the highly anticipated 4D Entertainment Soca On De Hill on Sunday.Even with such a large crowd, the police noted the day went incident-free.Although there were persistent showers throughout the day, by 4 p.m. the hill was packed to capacity, with little space to manoeuvre given the already muddy conditions.No deterrentHowever, the rain proved not to be a deterrent to the patrons, who, with umbrellas in hand, partied to the sweet songs of soca, with not a care in the world, at least not for a couple hours. Some even watched on in shock to see mothers, with babes in arms, standing in the rain.While the patrons thoroughly enjoyed the show, vendors complained about their placements.Lisa Lowe from Apropos restaurant, said that “sales are slow”.Sales slow“The weather is affecting the sales somewhat, but where they placed the stalls have a lot to do with it as well. I count coming here as a loss,” she said.Another vendor, Nigel Hinkson, from Good Eats Bar And Restaurant, agreed that the food vendors should have been placed further inside.“The weather is not really affecting my sales, but it would have been better if we were more in the crowd,” he said.The headliners for the hill were Destra out of Trinidad and Tobago, krosfyah and the reunited Square One band, who all gave great performances. The Hypa Kids also gave a good performance and were well received by the crowd.