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No excuse for pothole scourge in this day and age


No excuse for pothole scourge in this day and age

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TO WHAT EXTENT should enough be enough? I have yet to find someone who can explain to me how it can be a norm to drive on roads with potholes the size of craters every day, without any logical solutions being put into effect to deal with them.

Many people often complain about the awful conditions of some of the roads in Barbados, but has anyone ever truly realised how hazardous these roads can be for people who are unaware of the awful state of the road, especially at night?

This not only applies to locals but also to the many tourists who take the initiative to hire cars and tour the island on their own.

A classic example of this – if you have never witnessed it for yourself – is the road leading from Mt. Brevitor to French Village in St Peter, which has to be one of the worst roads in Barbados.

I have waited tirelessly and with great anticipation for the day when I would see a change, a change for the better that is.

How can a country speak of moving to higher heights and seeking to achieve a world-class economy and not even try to look the part when it comes to the rural roads?

How long will we have to suffer at the hands of the endless potholes that adorn the roads as though they were meant for decoration instead of pure destruction?