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Soca in the cave

Yvette Best

Soca in the cave

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THE SOCA KARTEL and a Soka Junkie took over Harrison Cave on Wednesday night.There were a number of people with their hands up, but there was no hostage situation. Patrons were simply having a ball.Mr Dale, Mikey and Blood were the boom bam at the first of four Crop-Over limes at Harrison’s Cave, which saw people dropping it and jumping from side to side because their feet were on fire.In addition to the new hits, all three took the small, but enthusiastic crowd, down memory lane with some of their older hits. When the live entertainment finished around 10 p.m. the refurbished and expanded facilities were not mashed up, but the St Thomas attraction will certainly never be the same again after its first taste of soca.The inaugural entertainment event attracted people from the area and others who found out primarily by word of mouth. A bus load of party animals drove in on the socaholic party bus late in the evening, but made up for whatever action they missed with energetic expressions of Wi Culture, which started as soon as they alighted from the elevator. DJ Chilly also made sure patrons got their wine on with popular old and new tunes.First eventMinister of the Environment, Water Resources and Drainage Dr Denis Lowe, said the lime was the first major evening event at the cave, which had the ability to attract people for things other than tours.“This is a perfect example of how it can work. I also think it has the ability to attract members of the community to come out. “One of my major concerns has been our effort to integrate the community into our activities. The caves belong to this community and we want to make sure they are not left out in anyway, shape or form,” Lowe stated.He said they would also be looking to see how the staff could benefit more from the attraction outside of their regular responsibilities.“Some other agencies are doing it, and I think it would be a good thing to have events for them as well as we go along,” he added.The lime also saw traditional Bajan fare available for purchase. Limers got their fill of fish cakes, pigtails, ribs, burgers, hot dogs and their choice of beverages ranging from sno-cones, mauby and sorrel all the way up to the stronger stuff. Lowe expressed satisfaction at the options available.“The cave is really a masterpiece that captures history,” Lowe noted.