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Ambassador Simpson

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Ambassador Simpson

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Named for one of the largest and most enduring First Nations in North America – the Cree – Kree Simpson is as steady, resilient and enduring as her namesake. This 18-year-old is studying law and accounts at the Barbados Community College and has been accepted into the banking and finance faculty at the University of the West Indies, where she will begin working on her bachelor’s degree in September. When she isn’t studying, Kree spends her free time helping out with the family business or hanging with girlfriends. “I am actually quite reserved,” she says, “but my friends aren’t, so there is always something fun going on.” Currently parish ambassador for St James, Kree is quite involved in the upcoming events and speaks with unrestrained excitement about representing her parish. “We have so much going on, but I really love representing the youth, being a voice for them when they don’t have one. We (parish ambassadors) get to take their concerns to the minister and I love being able to help.” On being ambitious, Kree says: “Shoot for the moon; if you miss you’ll still land among the stars.”