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People’s Monarch all the buzz

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Li’l Rick, Mr Dale, Blood and Edwin have made it to the final four of the People’s Monarch 2010 competition.Ronnie Clarke, programme manager of Starcom Network Inc., organiser of the contest, described it as a “resounding success . . . the excitement generated is unmatched”.Clarke said there was a lot of talent and “intrigue” in this year’s competition, adding that since the hugely successful songs carried a certain level of “audience momentum” and support, anyone could win.He further said that this year’s competition was particularly interesting because the semi-finals had someone from Celebration Time up against someone from Headliners. He added that with all the activity taking place this weekend, all the artistes had a good chance to “campaign”.Will Edwin do it again? The two-time winner’s hit Chrissening amassed 65 per cent of the votes on the first day of voting, against Gorg’s Serious Wukking.Hypa Kidz did not stand a chance against father Hypa Dawg. On Tuesday, Li’l Rick’s Go Down beat the Kidz’ Happy Feet. The younger ones were able to get only 32 per cent of votes, while Li’l Rick received 68 per cent.Veteran RPB’s Signs was unmercifully beaten by Blood’s Foot On Fire. A mere 10 per cent of voters were in favour of Signs. Blood, obviously the favourite, ruled on Wednesday with a massive 90 per cent of votes.However, Blood’s luck ran out on Thursday when he and Mikey as Soka Kartel lost their chance by 14 per cent against Drop It by Mr Dale.On Monday,  the voting continues. Voters will decide between Go Down or Foot On Fire. On Tuesday, it will be either Chrissening or Drop It. Voting will be done strictly through texting by Digicel customers to shortcode 8884.On Thursday, the winner of the first semi-final will face the winner of the second semi-final. July 30 will be the big day when the winner will be announced. That performer will collect the grand prize of $25 000.Clarke extended a special word of thanks to Digicel and all other sponsors. (FM)