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Soca Royale welcomed

marciadottin, [email protected]

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“A brilliant idea!”; “We welcome it!”.These were some of the approving comments made by a number of residents parallel to Bushy Park, where the Soca Royale will be held tomorrow.With the approval of the show being literally placed on their door steps, the residents did not anticipate any problems. But one gentleman, who gave his name as Mr Greaves and stated that he was around three score and ten, said that he and his wife would have a problem with the loud bass in the music.  However, Mr Greaves, just like the other residents, did not foresee a problem with the traffic as he proudly displayed his access sticker which should allow him to get back to his home after church tomorrow. Rene Hall plans to spend most of the morning at church but she will return home and enjoy the show while preparing her family’s Sunday meal.Hall anticipates that some of the residents, like herself, who are planning to set up stalls will benefit tremendously. That was fully endorsed by Sylvia Alleyne who runs a shop, Slyvia’s Variety, but who will be setting up a stall closer to the road to attract possible buyers going to the show.Alleyne was full of praise for the show coming to Bushy Park as she never gets out and she was excited by the chance to listen to the show.  Shamel Taylor was not worried that she could be affected, while Cheryl Callender who was home on sick leave was conerned that the noise would affect her. Even so, most residents accepted that any noise problems would be just for a period as was the case when car racing was on at Bushy Park.