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Bushy Park folk feel left out

Anesta Henry

Bushy Park folk feel left out

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RESIDENTS OF Bushy Park, St Philip, were proud that yesterday’s Soca Royale competition was held in their vicinity but were “extremely disappointed” at not being given “free passes” to witness the historical event.As they viewed the “little bit going on outside” from their homes and on the road, some residents said the youths in the district would have liked to attend.Ricardo Griffith said he believed the organisers should have given at least two passes per house. “The truth is, a lot of people are not really interested in going in but give the passes to the young people. We have to put up with all the noise, the practices, not being able to get in and out as we like.
“I don’t mind having it here but give back the people something. Make the people from out here feel like they are a part of this because right now we feel like strangers,” said Griffith.Meanwhile, Cheryl Callender pointed out that she did not have a problem with the event. “My problem is they did not offer anybody a ticket. I know that people that work on the road got tickets, MTW workers got tickets and them showing off with the residents and I don’t think that is fair,” she added.As he sat with friends enjoying the sweet sounds, Trevor Springer said it was “not fair that they are holding this in our backyard and them ain’t give the residents passes”.“The people deserve a pass, they should give us passes to get in free. We are all one and it is only fair that we get in free because we don’t mind the noise, although we have to put up with it. When they have the race meet, they give away passes and this is something more big. The same way them could call we to meetings, give we tickets to get in,” Springer said.   Laura Franklyn, while watching people entering the gates of Bushy Park, said: “We have car racing but this is the first for something this big. I’m not really bothered that they didn’t give us passes although I would have liked to experience it.”Shopkeeper Welton Alleyne believed that the organisers should have thought about his customers.“Them telling me that my customers have to get out and walk to the shop or get a helicopter. My customers can’t drive to the shop if they don’t have a pass on their cars. This is crazy because people come to the shop every day. Who is going to want to park their car all the way out there to come to the shop?“Furthermore, they didn’t even want to let me in and I ask them if they were crazy,” he said.Alleyne added: “I don’t have a problem with the competition being held at the park. It can be held at the park every day.”