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Need help finding mum a job

marciadottin, [email protected]

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Dear ChristineI am writing you this letter hoping that some kind-hearted person would help my mother with a job. I am 15 years of age and my mother is 42. Christine, she is a wonderful, kind-hearted lady and she used to take good care of my two brothers and me. She still tries to do her best but her problem is she needs a job.Almost every day, my mum goes looking around for work. She had to give up the house we were renting and sell her car, so she could build a room at the back of her mother’s house, but the money wasn’t enough. She sold the things she had in the house to pay off some bills and also feed us. I know my mum really needs to get the room finished so that we can get from where we are staying. My cousin is telling us that we would soon have to leave her mother’s house. Sometimes she comes and tells my mum it’s time to turn off the light. One day my mother washed some clothes and my cousin took them off the line and said she had clothes to hang out. My mum sometimes locks herself in the room and cries. I wish there was something that I could do to help her. Christine, I am sending you my mum’s details so that if anyone could help, you will give her a call. Please take care and thank you. – HELP MY MOTHERDear Help My Mother,  I am impressed by your care and consideration for your mother’s welfare. You need to recognise that we are in very challenging economic times and as such jobs are not readily available.
You did not state whether your mother has any specific skills, experience or qualifications.  However, I would urge mother to be open minded and flexible in the current environment and be willing to accept whatever job comes along.  She should register with the National Employment Bureau which is located in the NIS Building, Fairchild Street. She also needs to be innovative and look for self-employment opportunities.  Hopefully, some kind hearted businessman will reach out to lend a helping hand after reading your plea.– Christine