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Royale high

Carol-Ann Tudor

Royale high

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Overcast skies and piping heat did nothing to spoil the fun at Bushy Park yesterday when thousands flocked to St Philip for the inaugural Soca Royale.Dozens of 30 x 20 tents lined the hills, filled with friends and family, while folding chairs, umbrellas and picnic baskets littered the grounds for the event, which has replaced the East Coast Road Party Monarch.From early in the day people had gathered to brave the scorching sun, which was occasionally relieved by sweet breezes blowing through the hillsides.For those who had travelled light, numerous food and drink tents littered the border of the field. The sno-cone vendors and those selling frosted ice, as well as those selling flags from every country, also proliferated Bushy Park.This year’s VIP section was said to be one of the best in years for the party event. Set up in the Club House, the venue offered a beautiful view and luxurious seating.Eudolie Coppin-Armstrong, who was sitting reading her SUNDAY SUN, praised the VIP section as one of the best she had ever experienced.Best year“I’ve been going to all these events over the years and this is one of the best VIPs I have ever been in. It’s excellent and very accommodating. The drinks and the food are flowing too, so I must tell you I’m very comfortable,” she stated.Security was also in full force. Senior Superintendent of the Royal Barbados Police Force, Graham Archer, said the force had deployed some 130 officers, some of whom had been in place from the night before.The Barbados Defence Force also had a detachment present, as well as various arms of the emergency services.