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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE – Strange times right now

marciadottin, [email protected]

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DEAR NESTA,Wuh gine on nowadays ‘pon dis islan’?How yuh, chile? I ax dah question, but I a’ready know de answer, ‘cause neffin don’ seem to go ‘gainst you.  Yuh once tell muh dat you en cay ef Good Fridy come ‘pon a Sundy, an’ maybe dah is de bes’ attitude to adop’ nowadays, seein’ how all sorts o’ problems seem to come at we one after de ethuh!As fuh muhself, I really cyahn tell yuh how I feelin’ dese days. I suppose de wevver got somet’ing to do wif it, as de rains fallin’ partly evah day – an’ night too. But it en only dat, it is somet’ing else I cyahn seem to put muh finger ‘pon. True, Crop-Over season on, an’ de young people – an’ de ole ones too – seem to be puttin’ heart an’ soul into mekkin’ sure life is one long party, but when Kadooment Day come an’ Crop-Over finally ovuh, wuh’s nex’?  I t’ink wuh all Bajans want right now is to hear some good, positive news dat de Prime Minister healf improvin’ an’ ‘e comin’ back home to tek up de reins once mo’ an’ get dis country movin’ agen! As yuh know, I en no “big brains”, but it seem to me as ef neffin constructive en happenin’ ‘pon de islan’ – all de “actors” in duh new posts, jes’ markin’ time an’ waitin’ fuh instructions. 
Evahbody mekkin’ sure no fingers gine get p’int at dem when t’ings get back to normal! An’ I suppose yuh cyahn blame dem! Even de Opposition voice en as strident as it usually is, aldoh I read Mia callin’ ‘pon de guvment to bring a Budget! I was glad to see dat, ‘cause it mek muh realize I en de onlies’ body wonderin’ when duh gine get ‘roun’ to de Budget! So yuh see why we all need to get a positive answer to we prayers fuh de Prime Minister recovery! I been  down ‘pon muh knees summuch dat de skin soon come off!De recession like it en gine ease up a-tall fuh Buhbayduss, at leas’ not right now! De economic outlook seem jes’ as gloomy as de wevver, aldoh de Central Bank Guvnor still gi’e we a li’l ray o’ sunshine regardin’ de buildin’ industry, as ‘e say it should pick up ovuh de next six monfs an’ dat would mek t’ings li’l mo’ easy. I onderstan’ dah Four Seasons projeck suppose to be ‘mong de ones dat gine start up, but as I been hearin’ so of’en ‘bout dah partic’lar projeck startin’ back, I en gine counk muh chickens befo’ duh hatch! I gine wait an’ see!Dis buildin’ “boom” would certainly help out nuff people dat now outta wuk.  Partly evah week yuh could read ‘bout some place or de ethuh closin’ duh doors an’ sennin’ home staff, mekkin’ life li’l mo’ hard day by day. Now I agree life hard, but wuh I hear some Bajans gettin’ up to, is mos’ disgraceful. Duh not only bouncin’ cheques, but now stealin’ complete cheque books an’ passin’ to friens’ so duh could write cheques to pay fuh various items, like foodstuff an’ buildin’ materials. Police warnin’ Bajans to be careful, but I sure dah en gine stop dem vagabon’s from tryin’ to get duh han’s ‘pon hones’ people property.  Some o’ we en got neiduh conscience, faif!I mus’ tell yuh ‘bout Philomena. She en only cryin’ ‘bout de insurance money she cyahn get back from Clico, but now she hear de organization she belong to, BARP, got de same problems wif de same comp’ny, as well as wif anethuh one, an’ t’ings lookin’ shaky. De cryin’ stop an’ she been cussin’ like a pirate evuh sence!  She wonderin’ ef Guvment gine do anyt’ing ‘bout it! Philomena in a real bad mood, anybody she meet from dem comp’nies better watch out!  De “head honcho” like ‘e very quiet, ‘e jet off somewhey?    Til nex’ time! Keep SweetYuh frien’ Babsie