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Some singers back TC

marciadottin, [email protected]

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It seems that not only Terencia TC Coward is feeling the blow of the turn of events on Sunday at Bushy Park that marred what was otherwise an excellent display of musical talent.Others in the music industry are speaking out about the controversy which erupted after TC was announced the winner of the Sweet Soca competition.Popsicle, who was in the Party Monarch competition, said that he was disappointed with how the competition ended. Popsicle, known for his song Eric Jerome Dickey, stated that patrons were short-changed as they did not get to witness the highly anticipated battle between the monarchs.He further said that while it was understood that patrons would have their favourites, it was necessary to keep an open mind. “People must remember it is the day in question you are judged. Don’t tell yourself that your favourite is going to win.”Queen T said that she sympathised with TC, as the crowd’s reaction was “unfair”. She added that she agreed with TC’s decision not to return to the stage to face off against Blood as it “hurts to win and nobody celebrates with you”.Nard said Barbados should see what happened on Sunday as a wake-up call. He added that the treatment meted out to TC was not the only problem on the day. Like several others, Nard said that the structure of the Soca Royale needed to be revised, mentioning that pitting the Party Monarch against the Sweet Soca Monarch is “not fair and provides no motivation to other artistes”.Radio deejay and artiste Patrick Salt Bellamy said that people should not be so hasty to criticise TC’s victory. “The song fit the criteria and she delivered the song to perfection”, he said.