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Gabby out front

Tim Slinger


GABBY (ANTHONY CARTER) was reportedly leading the pack at the end of last Friday night’s Banks/LIME Pic-O-De-Crop semi-finals.According to reports, Gabby, who made a last-minute return to this year’s calypso competition, was ahead of the 17 other semi-finalists with Tassa (Carolyn Forde) in second spot.When contacted last night, Gabby refused to comment on reports that he had tallied the most points at the semi-final stage.He however said: “I want all my supporters come Friday night to wear something white  . . .  white is the colour.”Gabby and Tassa are among the nine finalists who will be challenging defending monarch Red Plastic Bag at the Pic-O-De-Crop Finals at Kensington Oval on Friday night.Haiti and Ole Ashae are the two compositions expected from Gabby, while Tassa’s contributions are slated to be the same combination she performed at the semis, Old People and To De Dump.National Cultural Foundation’s (NCF) corporate communications specialist Wayne “Kool” Simmons said the foundation’s policy was clear as it pertained to the release of points from the Pic-O-De-Crop competitions.“The policy of the NCF is those points would be released at the end of the finals. I have no knowledge of such,” he said yesterday.Just last month, the NCF announced it was taking steps to stop any possible leaks of information in this year’s competition.In addition to noting there was a confidential clause in all contracts with NCF employees, chief executive officer Dr Donna Hunte-Cox said leaks led to negative effects on the Crop-Over Festival.