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Bag ready to rumble

marciadottin, [email protected]


Reigning Pic-O-De Crop Monarch Red Plastic Bag (RPB) is ready for tonight’s finals.The nine-time monarch said that he was preparing for what he anticipated to be a “keen contest”.RPB said that he wanted people to remember that the “competition happens at the venue” and it had nothing to do with personal favourites.Despite being involved in the competition for 20 years, RPB said he was as excited as if itwas his very first.While acknowledging that there were several “experienced” calypsonians in tonight’s line-up, RPB said that he had “been there” and understood what he had to do to win.Tonight, three former monarchs – John King, Adrian Clarke and Gabby – as well as Colin Spencer, Crystal, Tassa, Sheldon Hope, TC and Blood will face the judges hoping to drive away the Ford Focus valued at $70 000. (FM)