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Bands ready for Foreday

marciadottin, [email protected]

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Bandleaders have responded positively to the changes instituted for this year’s Foreday Morning Jam. The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) has introduced a longer route, heavy security and the first ever Sunrise Beach Party on Brandons Beach.Several first-time bandleaders have indicated that they are embracing these changes and are indeed ready for the road. The words being echoed by bandleaders are “cost-effectiveness” and “safety”. Many of them agreed that in true Bajan fashion, there has been a last-minute rush to purchase costumes. “It is time to get away from the negative stigma,” said André Yarde of Backshun Juve Rave. Instead of criticising the Foreday Morning Jam, persons should embrace the street party as “another event to showcase our culture”. Yarde said that he welcomed the changes made by the NCF. “More length is always better,” he said of the longer route, although expressing the view that people should not be “rushed” because the size of the crowd must be taken into consideration.Boasting of over 500 revellers in his band Soccer & J’Ouvert, leader Michael Moore is anticipating a huge and fun party come Saturday morning. He said that during the current tough economic times, J’Ouvert was seen as an alternative for persons who could not afford to jump on Kadooment Day. Moore disclosed that he had previously had his doubts as to whether Barbados was really prepared for previous early morning jams, but he said that in the last two years there had been vast improvements in terms of security and behaviour on the road.Shawn Gill, bandleader of In A Recession, said that he sympathised with the many who were feeling the harsh effects of the economic situation and the band’s sections were reflective of this: Wall Street, Foreclosure, Repo and Bankrupt. He added that in addition to providing a low-cost option for persons to jump, he was doing his part to reduce the trouble caused by unregistered revellers breaking into organised bands.Foreplay bandleader Sharika Hunte, who has one of the smaller bands this year, stated that she was “so excited” by last year’s event that she felt compelled to be in a leadership role this year. She said that she was especially pleased with the extension of the route and the introduction of the Sunrise Beach Party because it would help to control “disgruntled people” who still want more on reaching Spring Garden. First-time leader Dario Thorington said although security would always be a concern, he was comfortable with the measures put in place by the NCF.