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Dream box nightmare for Gorg

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Don’t drink!This timely advice has come from the “drinks man” Gorg after an accident at Bacchanal Time’s big show at the Wildey Gymnasium on Wednesday night. Gorg fell into a “grave” meant to be the final resting place for the dream box referred to in tent-mate KB Kleen’s song My Dream Box Dead.After emcee Kevin KB Kleen Hinds announced that the entertainer would grace the stage, Gorg came on singing “ah coming, ah coming”, a line from his 2010 Serious Wukkin hit. Then Gorg, who was looking up at the time, walked right into the hole. Though the incident was unintentional, Gorg still managed to entertain the crowd with his humour, while being helped out of the grave by Hinds.According to Hinds, “Everyone was informed about the hole before they went on stage. But what happened is, because the stage is so flat, you couldn’t see the hole properly,” he said.Gorg told the WEEKEND NATION he was “all right”. When contacted yesterday morning, Gorg’s manager Sharon Carew-White said that the entertainer was “fine and doing well”. “Last night he left the show and went and did two other performances,” she said.