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The Best mash it up

Yvette Best

The Best  mash it up


THE MUCH anticipated battle between the Bacchanal Time calypso tent and the Best Of Crop-Over ended in a knockout at The Gymnasium of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex on Wednesday night.Even with a much larger complement than their opponents, who came from House of Soca, De Digicel Big Show and Headliners, along with Alison and Trevor Dynomite Eastmond, to form the opposing unit, the Bacchanal Time soldiers were handed a severe thrashing in the drawn out battle.While the Gymnasium massive appreciated the offerings from the Bacchanal Time cast and rewarded semi-finalist Classic with an encore, the real excitement came from the visiting combined side.Despite a slight scare when he fell into a hole on the stage which was part of a presentation, the “stale drunk” Gorg recovered well and thrilled fans with Serious Wukking which was done in the unmatched style of the self-proclaimed “Mr Sexy”.The truth in Popsicle’s assessment that there is a serious craze in Barbados was brought out in the response to his cheeky Eric Jerome Dickey.Soca Royale champion Blood and his Soca Kartel partner Mikey were the acts of the first half and brought that segment to a smashing end with Boom Bam, Foot On Fire and Whole Place Mash Up.In stitchesMention must be made of Odds N Ends out of Bacchanal Time, who had the audience in stitches with their skit.When the assessment of the show is done, it should show that the ceremony surrounding the burial of the Dream Box helped to kill the show from the start of the second half. Kudos to all those involved in the conceptualisation and execution, but it could have been much shorter.KB Kleen has been bawling over the death of the Dream Box all season, and while the drama had its moments of excitement, a quicker interment would have been less tortuous on all concerned. But it was far from dead.Cynna Bunzz, Calypso Monarch Red Plastic Bag and Alison were among those bringing people to their feet to make merry.The battle concluded with a sweet soca segment featuring Jay B and Nash, Justin King, Peach, Hypa Sounds, Statement and Mr Dale.Fans who came to Guh Down to Hypa Dawg Li’l Rick were forced to carry on, because he was a no-show. One does get the impression that KB Kleen and the Bacchanal Time management will not let it die there, though. While he made light of it by having members of the audience read the contract signed by Li’l Rick’s management, KB Kleen hinted that some sort of action was pending.