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Young Queens

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Aziza and Rabiah. Sister, Sister.  There is nothing but sisterly love between Aziza Lil Az Clarke and Rabiah Small One Clarke.  The sisters created history last Saturday in the Scotiabank Junior Monarch competition, when they placed first and second, respectively, in the 13-18 category.  Both sisters admitted that they love each other tremendously.  “I love my sister so much, I would do anything for her. I just want to see her do well,” Aziza, the older of the two, said.  Rabiah expressed similar sentiments.  “We have a very strong relationship. She is not my favourite, but I love her a lot,” she said.
Along with this love, they are also each other’s inspiration when it comes to the Junior Monarch competition.  “We warm up together before every competition and we rehearse at home,” Rabiah said.  Aziza said: “I like to warm up with my sister so that I can help her and she can help me.”  She even admitted being nervous for Rabiah while she was on stage during the competition on Saturday.   The sisters also share a strong drive to succeed. They both plan to graduate to the bigger stage, Pic-O-De Crop, in the near future. However, while Aziza is looking forward to becoming a full-time singer, Rabiah is looking at it as a side job.  “I want to be a star! Oh, and an artiste as well,” Aziza said, displaying a bright smile.  “I want to be a teacher or lawyer. I can always be a singer on the side,” Rabiah said confidently.  However, that is where the similarities end between the sisters. Just looking at them, one would not be able to tell that they are sisters.  While Aziza is more reserved, Rabiah is not afraid to speak her mind.Mother of the sisters, Carol Clarke, is very proud of her daughters.
“It feels great. I would like the moment to rewind and playback, so I could have that feeling all over again,” she said.  She added: “I would like to see them progress in entertainment and grow with discipline and in a decent manner. I want them to deal with the talent they have and not what they can show.” She was also very grateful to all who have helped her and her daughters throughout the time that they were in the Junior Monarch competition.  “A lot of people have been so helpful in everything. I want to say a big thanks to everyone who assisted us, everyone,” she said with obvious sincerity.
She was especially grateful to “Uncle Sarge” (Anthony Sargeant) and “Aunty Merle” (Merle Niles), who she said were with the sisters from the first time they entered the competition, and Yvette Best, a reporter at THE NATION, for all her “fair” support through the Davandra BABB