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Big rain jam

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Big rain jam

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NO RAIN could stop this Foreday jam.Instead, the heavy showers gave the thousands of revellers more motivation to “drink drinks”, “wuk up” and “get on bad” as they made their way from the Princess Alice Highway to Spring Garden Highway in this year’s Foreday Morning Jam sponsored by Roberts Manufacturing Co. Ltd.The National Cultural Foundation estimated there were 15 000 on the road, the jump starting from about 1 a.m. just after the Pic-0-De-Crop Finals at Kensington Oval.Hundreds of people lined the streets as the revellers, covered in mud and paint of various colours in the 15 plus bands, made their merry way from Carlisle Car Park to the finish line.Grannies, mums (including the pregnant) and youths gave up their night rest to be showered by entertainment – and the rain. Some even joined in the jamming, as others kept their distance from the muddy revellers.Not without faultThe journey was not without fault as security seemed an issue for some bands, and deejays on some trucks constantly threatened to stop playing the music.It was also a slip and slide for many, while others balanced their bodies, “palancing” as the rain poured.By 2:45 a.m. the Foreday jumpers were making their way onto the Spring Garden Highway,The first band to make the trek was A Trini And A Bajan’s Tings Brown, which clearly lived up to its name. The band of more than 100 chipped smoothly to new and old soca tunes, and as well as Point Fortin’s rhythm section. Jambalasse Entertainment’s Insomniacs sought to show there would be no sleep at all as they jammed to the sounds of Edwin Yearwood, who was on the truck. They blasted hits such as Yardie, Home Again and Chrissening. Dressed in stained white T-shirts, they also celebrated with new People’s Monarch Mr Dale who led them in singing his new hit song Drop It and the older Soca Junkie.

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