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Dumped for ‘sweet’ Guyanese woman

marciadottin, [email protected]

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Dear Christine May God bless you for the wonderful things you are doing.  Christine, I am going to tell you about this man that I had; we were friends for four years and I slept at his home every night. He was on the phone talking to a Guyanese woman one night while I was in the living room watching television. He took up the phone carried it in the bedroom and started calling this woman. He raised up the tv hard so that I couldn’t hear what he said.  I got up, went in the bedroom for my towel to go and bathe, and when he saw me he put down the phone.  Every evening [after] he comes from work he calls her; unlocks the gate, goes into the yard and calls her on his cellphone.  He tells her to call his house phone; when I go to answer he tells me to leave it that it is his children that called.  If that was his children why did he tell me to leave it?  Christine, I can’t take on this any more, it’s got me all eaten up inside, I feel like I would kill him.   One Saturday morning I was going by my house and he told me that he wanted the keys for his children, that they were coming for their things, every time I look the things still there. I was at my house, he called my cellphone and my daughter answered and he told her to tell me that he had all my things in a barrel that he would bring them for me and he would talk to me. He never brought them; I went for them. I asked him what was going on what he told my daughter; he denied telling her anything.   This man tells so many lies. He won $25 000 in Double Draw and he gave me $250 after I helped him buy things for his house. Christine, I feel like I would blow up both him and the Guyanese woman.  She comes there at night and leaves early in the morning hoping no one sees her. She has him bewitched and all she wants is his money; she has his mind turned from his children and every time she wants something he gives it to her.  He washes and cooks for himself – that is what he told me.  Christine, if that money goes she won’t want to see him anymore she already got what she wanted.   Christine, his time will come because the Lord is not sleeping. I want to warn Bajan men to keep away from the Guyanese women.– Frustrated Bajan Woman– Dear Frustrated Bajan Woman,    Do not blame the Guyanese woman as the man obviously wants to move on in this relationship, a situation you need to accept. It makes no sense staying in a relationship which could be bad for your health in many ways. You want to be with someone who is honest and desirous of being in a monogamous relationship. I would urge you to avoid taking any stupid action such as injuring either the man or the woman. Indeed, do not even threaten them. As an adult you need to focus on a variety of things to keep your mind occupied; in time the right man will come along.– Christine

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