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Three days not enough


Three days not enough

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WHY ONLY THREE days a year paternity leave?

I am not knocking or am I against the three days, but while mummy is recuperating home in bed, there are things in the house that need to be dealt with; making baby’s tea, helping with the diapers, support for mum and baby on follow-up visits to the doctor (if the father is really helpful) and many other things – too numerous to mention.

I do not know all of the factors leading to the suggestion of three days, but I believe that if it was the other way around, women probably would have agitated for at least half of the time (six weeks).

I want to hear the men.

Is three days sufficient time for any father, especially a caring father in any profession, not only teaching, to support mum, before and after childbirth?

Extended families are on the decline in today’s world, but I think that critical period is just before and after birth for mum and baby – not all – and this is where the father – any father should have some time (again my opinion).

With my two priceless pearls, I am one who suffered for approximately three months off and on; regular headaches and vomiting. Well I am glad we men do not get pregnant.