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10 points!

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THE WHOLE PLACE got mash up last Saturday when FAS Entertainment & Berger Boyz presented their annual Mount Gay/Digicel 10 to 10 fete featuring five big bands, ten top deejays and 25 soca artistes.  The live performances got underway from about 1:30 a.m. with the local solo acts that included D2, Villain, Verseewild, Answar, Airzone, JB & Nash, Kirk Browne and Teejay, as well as Rameses Browne, who was still trying to Get Ahead.  But the hundreds that filled the Carlisle car park in The City started to really liven up to the “out-of-this-world” duo Nard and John Mahameed, who performed songs like Tempo, Law Have Mercy, Clock Wuk and Drunk.
Allan Sheppard from the band Spice & Company brought back sweet memories and dramatic effect using auto-tune, lighting and clothing effects when performing favourites like I’m Aware, Lift Ya Leg Up, Rag Time, Take Your Clothes Off and, of course, Congaline, which saw several groups of patrons creating congalines in merriment.  A couple solo artistes performed after including Pong, who, among other songs, was asking to Leggo My Bird while Captain Sawyer was telling everyone to Hold My Bird.  Then the early morning sun was urged to rise as the band krosfyah raised the temperature, performing hot songs like In the Middle Of De Road, Frenzy, Don’t Tell Me Nutten, Nah Missing Me, Carnival On My Mind, Sak Passé, Never Cheat On You and Chrissening among their full repertoire.
Statement and Gorg joined the stage before the third band Soca Kartel, featuring Soca Royale winner Blood and partner Mikey, blazed the morning with road march tune Foot On Fire, We Ain’t Going Home, Boom Bam and Whole Place Mash Up, to name a few. Members of the Soca Kartel extended family, Brett Linton and Lorenzo, were then invited to sing their solo songs.  Rupee and band hit the stage by 7:30 a.m. performing his massive hit Jump, his 2010 releases Everybody and Crazy, before bringing back memories with favourites like Insomnia and Blame It On the Music. That left Trinidadian Dawg E Slaughter, Peter Ram and Li’l Rick and family to bring the show to a climax – and so they did.
Dawg E Slaughter led the way with songs like Get Crazy and Bounce, Ram did a mix set of old and new including Faxx Machine, while Rick and family ended the show with Happy Feet (Hypa Kidz), Rags Up (Unda Dawg) Big Hail, Guh Down (Li’l Rick) and Tracy Moore