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Road renaming, partying and other titbits


Road renaming, partying and other titbits

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WHAT AM I HEARING at all? Rename the Spring Garden Highway “a road”. We already have Highways 1 to 7 and many others.

Everybody knows that they are roads. The difference between them and Spring Garden or the ABC is the speed limit.

The Ronald Mapp Highway, originally Highway 2A, has different speeds for different segments. The highways are roads.

• The success of the longer route for Kadooment will be determined by the survey which finds out how many bands actually reached the Spring Garden “road” intact or almost so.We congratulate the Government on its housing programme.

However, we earnestly hope that there will not a number of payment defaulters simply because there are no jobs. Jobs are essential to a successful housing programme.

• The new Four Seasons Hotel/Villa complex at Paradise perhaps needs to be renamed the Five Seasons – the fifth being the Season of Hope. Indeed we all hope for completion in the not too distant future. I still have reservations about the funding.

• There has been talk of making Barbados the entertainment capital of the region. Well, we are already on the way to being the party capital.

The problem is many of the same people are partying all the time. Partying and production are not good bedfellows.We party Friday, Saturday and Sunday and days in between and then call for higher productivity. Wuh loss!

• Have not heard too much about the proposal for a football stadium at Wildey.

That’s good. With a new housing development east of the proposed site and the possibility of simultaneous events at the Gym, the Aquatic Centre and the hockey field, one can imagine that the traffic flow would move from horrendous to lunatic.What we need is a multipurpose facility with covered stands well away from the Wildey area.

• Poor Empire Theatre by the time we are ready for you every stone may have to be replaced. Indeed, there is no way those old walls can stand up to the power of today’s amplified sound systems.

In any event a theatre requires props and costume storage space, rehearsal facility and a refreshment centre in addition to a fly tower and an orchestra pit.

Any sensible redevelopment would also require, at the minimum, the Coles Building to be incorporated.