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Youth take charge of ministry

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Youth take charge of ministry

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THEY SIMPLY TOOK CHARGE!They came prayed up, ready to minister and to let all and sundry know “there is still a remnant that will not bow down to the false gods; a remnant willing to fight”, as stated by David Durant Jr in the song Fight, which he composed himself.The occasion was last Monday’s Youth Night of the Seventh Annual Eagle’s Eye International Apostolic Prophetic Conference, which was held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, and hosted by Senator Reverend Dr David Durant and Pastor Joy Durant of Restoration Ministries. It was the night when the youth took over and, in fine militant form, seemingly stormed the gates of Hell with their dance, music and drama.It was a night when things were turned upside down and where a new normal took over from the traditional night of church.Hundreds praised, worshipped and danced as the young people of the likes of David Durant and Theo Boyce, who both ministered their up-tempo song, Fight, as well as World Changers and the Kairos Dancers, led the way into battle.Drama was also the order of the night, as the youth, a few clothed in school uniforms, depicted some of the issues with which many school children are faced, such as gang violence and pornography.Attired in bright, multicoloured outfits, dancers moved to a variety of songs, including to the following words: “Clap your hands all ye people. Shout unto God with the voice of triumph.”Indeed, they indicated by their music and dance strides that they did come out of the battle a triumphant people.As the youth ministered, adults who took to the stage encouraged those present, including a host of pastors, not to “put down the youth”, but to encourage them and help them to come out of their various prisons – those things that kept them bound.The four-day conference, which attracted speakers from the Caribbean, United Kingdom and the United States, concludes today, with a special morning pastoral seminar. (CCH)

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