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Bajans react to Smoking Ban


Bajans react to Smoking Ban

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Barbadians are reacting to the smoking ban which will take effect from October 1.  Some are behind Government’s proposed ban while others feel it is their right to smoke anywhere. And, there are those who believe that with the new law Government should provide specially designated smoking areas.  Some spoke out during a visit earlier during a visit to some local rums.  Shop owner Glendene Gollop says she knew when the time came she would be affected, but she “wouldn’t be getting in trouble for anybody”.Mahogany Restaurant over at Culloden Road, was the only shop which had a No-Smoking sign displayed.
Owner Eunice Campbell says the rule had been in place over two years now. “Most of my customers here suffer with sinus problems so we stopped it every since. So those who want to smoke usually go outside to accommodate the others here, so it won’t be affecting me” she says.  The legislation which seeks to protect vulnerable individuals and groups from the harmful effects of second-hand tobacco smoke comes with some strict regulations and stiff fines.  Smokers found guilty of breaking the regulations may face a $500 fine or a 12-month prison term, or both. Proprietors found guilty of allowing people to smoke under their roof may also be fined $5 000 or be imprisoned for 12 months, or both.More views on this issue in the SUNDAY SUN.