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PUDDING & SOUSE – Hiding in plain sight

marciadottin, [email protected]

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WHILE many were enjoying themselves on Kadooment Day, a certain man who was fired by his lover was walking up and down the long route looking to see who she was jumping with in a band.And lo and behold, he was even disguised in a ridiculous looking costume.But the woman and her friends were on to his slick moves and while he did not see them, they spotted him peeping out from among the crowd like a lost, lovesick puppy.This man needs to understand that it is time to let go and forget about the young, sexy brown-skinned girl since she has no intentions of ever going back to him.Down the wrong roadIT IS time that a certain female coach stop bouncing her ball into other people’s nets.This woman has been delegating her parental responsibilities to her pre-teen child, who regularly babysits his sibling while mummy goes out partying and having fun.Not only that, she works in a good job but seems to prefer to spend her money in nightclubs and dressing in the latest gear while her wooden house is full of holes and on the verge of collapsing.Recently when a family member spoke to her about her wild lifestyle and tried to encourage her to stop all the feting and take care of her business at home, instead of taking the good advice, she cussed her and told her where to get off.Woman with a missionA YOUNG woman who works at a financial institution seems to be on a mission to take down men one by one.So far two men have fallen victim to her charm, and both ended up at a doctor’s office. Now she is on to victim No. 3. Her friends are beginning to think she is deliberately setting out to make these men sick. She also thinks she is the hottest thing around and most men are taken in by her beautiful big eyes and short flowing hairstyle.Her new unsuspecting third victim is behaving like a lovesick puppy and feels that he is on top of the world to have landed such a catch. He should keep some of the money that he is spending on this chick since he will definitely need three doses of treatment at the doctor.Barking up wrong treeFINGERS are being pointed at an innocent man by his superiors, and certain people who have a commanding voice are closely monitoring the situation.Apparently a very embarrassing situation was recently exposed which led to certain people moving in and taking photographs. Instead of dealing with the issue which may put a number of people out of work, management has been running around like headless chickens trying to find out who called the snoopers.Now they have cast their eyes on a supervisor, who was trying to deal with the smelly situation before it got out of hand. They really need to get this situation fixed before the entire top is blown off and leave the supervisor alone because if they dare to touch, there will be bigger trouble on the horizon.Abuse of powerWHY IS it that some people who are supposed to uphold the law always like to abuse their power?Take for instance a certain man who is using his position to make his girlfriend’s life a living hell.Just because she moved out of his house and took their son with her, he has been stalking her and harassing her at every turn she makes.He even turned up at her workplace and complained to her boss that she would not let him see the child, and when this did not work out he turned up at her house with three of his colleagues in tow threatening to take the child from her. This poor woman is now living in fear of her ex-lover.